Saturday, February 3, 2007

what I have been learning from my camera....

Digital photography is very new to me. I have only had access to a digital camera for 2 years and have never used it for more than 'quick snp shots' until a little over a month ago when I started the 365 Project.

So far it has been a lot of trial and error with a lot more error. My camera is an older 4 pixtel Kodak Easy Share because that was what was on sale when I first bought them as Christmas presents for the girls. It was in the house for a long time before I would even pick it up. I was happy with my slrs that use 'real film', even though I am not in the darkroom and haven't been in about 7 years.

Now I am addicted to the ease of the digital. I have a feel for what the camera can do, however I am still learning everyday! I am ready to start using Photoshop with the same excitement I used the darkroom. Dirk is going to load it onto 'my computer' today sometime.

Last weekend I was doing action shots. Here are some of the things I learned:

As bad as stage lighting is a gym is MUCH worse. Using the action setting for the stage with no flash, clicking 3 breaths before I want the picture I can usually catch the shot. I also have to hold my breath and wait a couple more seconds before moving the camera to keep the shot as clean as possible.

Using the video capture and then choosing the frames works best in the gym. Flash, no flash, close-up, far away it didn't matter. The only thing that gave me any usable shots was the video.

When on the auto setting with no flash I got prettier light and movement on stage, but if they were moving too fast it was just streaks. Auto setting in the gym....nothing but grey!

I learned, by playing, instead of the manual, that I have a setting closer than tele. I am not sure what they call it, but it is D on my screen. I just learned that I can have all the information I am used to seeing inside my slr on my screen. That was very helpful as soon as I figured out what the numbers and scales meant :)

Here are a few of the photos I hope help explain.....
Setting was auto no flash

Auto with flash
frame of video
frame of video
Super-close up with flash..I was in a the first row of the balcony pretty far away.
same here

Here I was in regular zoom with the flash.