Sunday, October 21, 2007

Queen of the world!

Another Sunday Scribblings.....

If I woke up Queen of the world my first act would be.......

I have actually been thinking about this since I read it on Friday. Then I made the mistake of reading a few before posting my own. So many, many cool ideas out there, but this one by Raymond Pert took my first idea and wrote about it better than I ever could have. So, I kept thinking and pondering, then it hit me, I finally knew what my first act as Queen of the World would be....

I would declare that everyone, everywhere would have to stop what they were doing, embrace the person or couple of people closest to them and hold them for 5 full minutes. No talking, no kissing, just hold them still and quietly. No sounds except that of heartbeats and breathing. Then at the end of 5 minutes they would look into each other's eyes and tell each other (one at a time) that the Queen loves them and needs them to build a better world. They would say to the other person your gifts and passions are vital to this new world. This would have to happen once a day, at the same time everyday.

Then I would declare a mandatory Sabbath. All people in the communities would gather once a week to eat, drink, sing, laugh, cry, play, pray, read, debate, and just be together. At these gatherings there would be no cell phones, no computers, no tv, no ipods....... There would be board games, books, paper, pencils, art supplies, musical instruments, food, wine, comfortable seating, lots of pillows and fire (either a bonfire or a big fire place).

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Saturday, October 13, 2007


I think I am ready to jump back into pondering and this Sunday Scribbling is a good one.

First job, my very first 'real' job was as a tutor for students with learning disabilities. I was 13 years old and made an unbelievable $10 an hour, 8 hours a week. The only reason I had the job was because I had been a student in the same tutoring program since I was 6 years old. I knew the ins and outs, the methods, the materials, the philosophy, and I was really good at it. I taught math and auditory discrimination skills. I had to take the city bus to my job one day week, then my dad picked me up. The other day of the week my mom took me because she was also a tutor and my sister was still a student. I have bitter sweet memories of this time and this program that was a just about a daily part of my life for over thirty years. I felt very grown up.

My worst job was with the same program just jump ten years. By this time I had gotten married, had a baby, gone to college, accepted custodianship of my neice and nephew, and returned to work full-time for this group. I was director of their Montessori program. I loved many things about the job, but the pay and the board of directors made my life hell. I was expected to work 60+ hours a week for less than $1200 a month. The politics about which families had to pay full tuition and who didn't drove me mad. The way the board constantly interfered with which kids should be removed from the program and which should continue frustrated me beyond belief. I was the one responsible( for the kids and the budget), but really had little to no authority. What made this even more of a nightmare was the fact that these were the people I had grown up admiring and wanting to be like. They were my heroes and role models. Finding out they were petty back-stabbing gossips destroyed my confidence in myself for many years.

My best job and my ideal job are the same. They are the job I have right now. I love everything about what I do and I wake up everyday thankful that people are willing to pay me to do it. I am an educational mentor. I work mostly with homeschooled teens. Many of the kids I work with are gifted, learning disabled, physically challenged, and often have behavior challenges. Since I work with the chidren in all subjects and across all grades I can put them in groups that meet their needs. I can also guide and inspire, seeing the good while working on the bad. These teens keep me on my toes and challenge me to be my best everyday. Watching them mature and being part of that process is a balm to my soul. I feel needed and like I am making a difference.

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