Friday, April 4, 2008

This poor blog

This blog has been seriously neglected because most of my pondering lately have been of a very personal nature and I have doing them in a notebook. I am considering blogging the exercises, because I have a few friends (wow imagine that, lol) who actual check this space out.

If I do blog the exercises from the book "The Four Day Win" it will be on a private blog. I really am an open book, so if you know me and want to be included as one who can read the private blog, drop me an email or post a reply here.

Until I work though these issues, this space will continue to be neglected. Thank you for your understanding.

And I leave you with this quote that I lifted from a friend's blog (thank you Susan):
"True healing has more to do with listening and unconditional love than fixing people." Gerald Jampolsky


NoVA Dad said...

Hey there; my blog has by and large been neglected as of late as well. I have a lot running through my mind that I'd like to discuss; finding the time is the challenge!

If you do post the exercises, I would be interested in reading about them (if you still choose to make those available to those of us inclined to pop by).

Hope all is well with you and yours.

Yours Truly said...

I would like to read the exercises. I do love that quote!


Dirkus said...

The changes have been very positive. I'd love to see the exercises.